Using Whiteboard Animation Videos on a Landing Page

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animation videos are an extremely effective marketing technique. The videos are engaging and watching a person actually draw what is being described does a great job of grasping the user’s attention. There is something about this video format that is compelling, and more companies are using them on their websites and landing pages to increase conversions.

Some of the benefits of whiteboard videos versus other types include:

  • You don’t need to be in front of a camera or pay actors
  • They appear professional and unique
  • If used properly, they can explain products/services/ideas in a very simple and engaging way
  • Overall they are entertaining and eye-catching

Whiteboard animation provides an alternative to standard animation and can help separate you from the competition. If possible, it would be best to test the results of a landing page using a whiteboard video instead of a regular animated video, to see which delivers better results. Since whiteboard videos are still relatively uncommon (if you are able to develop one that gives results on your landing page) you will be able to brand yourself differently than the competition and give yourself an edge.

Videos in general have been shown to significantly increase user activity and conversion ratios on landing pages, and having one that is unique like a whiteboard will only help make your video more memorable and separate yourself from the competition. If you are in a competitive space, a whiteboard animation video could be one of the few marketing techniques you can deploy to differentiate your company and service.

These video types also do a great job of taking complicated concepts and simplifying them so the viewer can easily understand. The moving hand that is drawing during the video catches the user’s eye, while the audio is being played. The video format keeps the viewer’s curiosity level high because they are wondering what is going to be drawn next in correlation to what they are hearing. This does not appear to be the case with standard animation as it feels more predictable and intuitive in nature.

Effective video use on a landing page can dramatically increase traffic conversions and user engagement. Taking your video a step further by utilizing a whiteboard format also adds uniqueness and a likeability factor that regular videos do not possess. Not only are conversions important but also finding a way to stand out in the crowd in a competitive landscape is also significant. Sometimes it’s not the best company or service that wins, but rather the one that people remember.

If your goal is to create a high converting landing page while incorporating video, it may be a good idea to test a whiteboard video format to see what results you get. You may find that your return on investment increases with this video format versus a standard animation video. Every edge you can obtain should be exploited when it comes to any marketing campaign and creating videos that are different and memorable definitely fall into this category.

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