Tools to Create High-Converting Landing Pages

Tools Landing Pages

Landing page design is an extremely important marketing tactic. Increasing conversion ratios and decreasing cost per acquisition are fundamental properties of a successful marketing campaign. A properly developed landing page can achieve this with relative ease, especially given the free and available tools for landing page creation.

Below are a list of free landing page tools currently available in order to help anyone, from a new, to intermediate, to expert marketer increase their page’s effectiveness.

  • – offers a free landing page design tool that provides template pages and access without the need for a credit card. Their designs are fully mobile responsive and offer A/B split testing analytics in order to track conversion ratios.
  • – offers a free 30-day trial for landing page design in conjunction with other marketing techniques, such as email, auto responders, webinars, etc. They provide a more diverse selection of products, while other companies chose to solely focus on landing page design.
  • – also offers a free-30 day trial with various monthly memberships available. The upgraded memberships offer things like A/B testing and custom code editing. Prices range from $29 – $127 per month.
  • – provides a 14 day free trial and states no credit card is required. They offer A/B testing, dynamic text replacement, Facebook integration, and an easy to use editor for your page design. Monthly membership pricing ranges from $16 to $149 per month.
  • – offers mobile-friendly templates, A/B analytics, drag and drop customization, and integrations with various types of CRM software. There appears to be no free trial, and only membership offerings of $25 to $199 per month for their product.
  • com – offers a free 30-day trial with several membership options afterwards ranging from $49 to $499 per month. They provide various landing page templates, various software integrations such as and other conversion tools.

Many of these landing page development tools offer similar functionality and membership plans; however it would be best to try a company via a free-trial before committing any funds. While you are testing the software you can decide if it is simple or advanced enough to meet all of your marketing needs. Some marketers may require advanced A/B testing and traffic analytics on their landing pages, while some other marketers make just be interested in simplicity and design. The good news is that there are plenty of options available and many can be tested before deciding which one to go with.

If you are a first time internet marketer or marketing expert, landing page design will always be an important part of your internet marketing campaigns. Being able to create and track leads via the internet is vital to the survival of almost all modern-day businesses. With the tools mentioned above, one increases their chances of success in the already competitive landscape of internet marketing. Something as simple as a landing page which you are driving traffic to can make or break a business, and taking advantage of this fact will help separate the weak businesses from the strong.

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