Tools for Split Testing

Split Testing

Split testing, similar to A/B testing, is when you take a landing page, marketing campaign, website, etcetera and test its effectiveness one way, then make some changes and test its effectiveness again. You then compare the two to see which provided a better outcome through various analytics and attempt to build off that to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. There are many tools that can assist you with this testing process and below we are going to discuss several of them.

Self-proclaimed as the “most popular split testing tool” comes They offer a free trial and plenty of case studies in reference to their product. Some of these case studies are provided by large companies such as The Discovery Channel, Trulia and Sony. Sony’s case study reported a 6% increase in banner ad clicks 21% more shoppers engage with cart and a 20% increase in checkout conversions. These increases are significant for any business and optimizely has plenty of other case studies to back their claims as an excellent split testing tool.

Another split testing software option is Qualaroo gathers information and comments by users and allows you to analyze it and make adjustments to your site accordingly. They also provide case studies on the effectiveness of their product. For a site entitled Qualaroo claims they increased registrations 300%.

Lastly we are going to discuss Crazyegg uses heatmaps to show how users are interacting with your site and areas that need improvement. They offer a free heatmap when you create an account and offer a free 30-day trial. They don’t appear to have case studies on their site, however they do have a blog with a lot of activity on it. After just 1 click it was easy to discover a post revolving around a company’s experience with Crazyegg and how it helped them so it appears similar information to case studies is available if you search for it.

In conclusion, there are many tools one can use for split testing and many offer free 30 day trials in order to test results. It also appears that many companies boast case studies showing the effectiveness of their software and it is recommended that you review these case studies before signing up with a company.

Regardless, you don’t have much too loose if you sign up for a free trial, just be aware that after that trial is up, you are considered a legitimate prospect by that company and may be subject to follow up emails and phone calls of them trying to sell you their service.

Your ability to take advantage of companies like this will also vary greatly on your marketing budget as many companies charge monthly fees for their service once the free trial has expired. At the end of the day, if you have an established site, or are trying to get a site established with the intention of converting that sites traffic into leads or product sales, a split testing company may be worth exploring.

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