Optimizing an Email Capture Form

Email Web Form

Capturing emails and building a list can play an extremely important part in the success or failure of a marketing campaign. You will want that form to be quickly visible, easy to fill out and intuitive in nature. A potential client should never have to jump through hoops or get lost within a site in order to submit their information and it’s the job of any good internet marketer to make the grabbing of their information as easy as possible for the consumer.

It should be painless, seamless, easy and quick, and should not have the customer second guessing whether or not they should have submitted anything in the first place.

One way to do this is to have your email capture form (or any form for that matter) “above the fold.” What this means is having the form visible on your website or landing page without the customer having to scroll down in order to see it. This makes it extremely easy for your customer to submit their email without thinking twice about it, and removes the needless browsing on your page before email submission. Every time that customer clicks somewhere else, it increases the possibility of them going elsewhere or losing interest in your offer.

Be sure to include the right number of fields on your capture form. If you are only after an email address, you should only have 1 field. Do not ask for more information than is needed. Long forms tend to scare off customers and keeping things quick and simple will aid in conversions.

You will want to make sure you have a strong call to action on your website or landing page as well. Encourage people to submit their information by having that call to action directly above your form on your site. Don’t be afraid to play around with this verbiage and test different things. You may find that, “Yes I want FREE info” does not give as good results as “Get your FREE info.” Small variations in text can greatly increase or diminish the frequency in which people fill out your form.

If you can, provide a lot of value. Don’t be afraid to offer something for “free” in exchange for their email address. You can give away an e-book that you wrote or provide a free training video for download on whatever topic that might be relevant to your form request.

Lastly, be sure to reiterate your privacy policy somewhere on the page where it’s clearly visible for the client to see so they know you do not intend to sell their information to 20 or 30 different companies who will spam them. Openly state that you take privacy very seriously and only intend to use their information for the purposes that they’ve requested.

Optimizing an email capture form can be done similarly to any form as long as you apply some of the key principles in the aforementioned article. It’s important to keep things as simple and seamless as possible so your clients feel comfortable in disclosing their information to you.

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