Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

When developing a landing page for any type of lead generation purpose, your response rate will be directly affected by how well that landing page is optimized to maximize your ROI. Often times you may see landing pages that appear to be poorly done with no visual flow or strong call to actions. These pages are usually skipped over by potential prospects lowering your landing pages conversion ratios and increasing your cost per lead. With landing pages the name of the game is to maximize both your lead generation and cost per acquisition while maintaining or lower your lead cost as much as possible.

Below are some tips to help you with your landing page optimization.

  • Have a strong call to action! Many marketers will tell you that having a strong CTA is the most important part of your site/landing page. You need to elicit emotion in your potential prospect and motivate them to submit their information or take whatever action your landing page is designed for. One way to do this is by having a strong call to action button. You will want your button to have text on it and for it to be bright and prominently displayed on your site. You will also want your call to action repeated several times throughout your landing page to get your prospect to take action “NOW!”
  • Use a video! Videos have been show to increase conversions by as much as 80%! That’s a very powerful increase and linking a video is something that can be done very quickly and easily. Simply use a site like and search for a video on a relevant topic or you can use a site like and pay to have a video recorded if you don’t want to record one yourself.

  • Use testimonials! It’s no secret that product testimonials improve conversions. Some websites report that they’ve seen increases as large as 50% directly due to testimonials being added to their landing pages. If you have testimonials, USE THEM; they are a very powerful tool!
  • Track everything! In the world of landing page optimization the importance of tracking your results cannot be over-looked. Every change that is made to your page needs to be monitored and track to see if it’s affecting your landing page in a positive or negative way. A/B testing should be utilized so that comparisons can be made. Do not get emotional about testing. It’s all about the numbers! If you feel a change should increase results but ultimately it does not, don’t take it personally. Simply adjust the changes and try again. It will take some time to get your landing page dialed in.

Hopefully you’ve found these 4 tips useful on how you can optimize your landing page and increase conversions. The thing to keep in mind is that even after you go live with your landing page your job is not done! You will want to make adjustments; test and retest until you are able to maximize your conversions and ROI.

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