Incorporating Animated Explainer Videos into Landing Pages

Animated Explainer Videos

If you are trying to get better results from a landing page, one way to do it is by adding an animated explainer video. These videos are extremely useful in delivering a short and precise message to the landing page visitor. They are also far more engaging then standard written content on a website and offer an interactive explanation solution.

The use of animation can be done to make visitors entertained, laugh, and aid in the enjoyment of the overall experience of visiting your website or landing page. These experiences will make your site more memorable in the visitors mind and serves as a greater mechanism for stimulating action; whether it is a purchase from your company or a simple inquiry requesting more information.

Humor, graphics, and sound can also strengthen the relationship between your company and your customer base. When combining these animation tactics with an “explainer video” format, you are able to convey a very specific message about your product or service in a manner that increases attention span and memory. An animated explainer video will have a much more impactful affect on the viewer then a landing page with no video and only written content.

When using an animated explainer video on your landing page, be sure to keep it simple and get to the point quick. People don’t have large attention spans and you will have to hook them in the first few seconds of your video if you want to stand a chance at keeping them engaged. Be sure to use visual elements with your animation but don’t go overboard as it may become distracting and confusing. Focus on communicating your simple message and finish with a strong call to action.

A notable explainer video company with a lengthy track record of developing high-quality productions can help you in communicating with your web visitors through this medium.

Be sure to test, edit, and retest in order to get the most out of your landing page video combo. Small changes to the page itself might be needed in order to maximize video views and conversions, while the video may also need to go through edits as well. Monitor all of your traffic behavior and how it responds after changes to see if you are heading in the right direction or not. This will be crucial to your landing pages success.

Animated explainer videos are a great way to get your message across in a fun and appealing manner. The videos can do a great job of explaining a particular product or service in simplified terms thus removing any preconceived notions the viewer might have about your business. They also are less intimidating due to their creative animation and simplistic design, making someone more likely to watch in greater duration.

If you are considering incorporating an animated video on your landing page, look no further. Videos in general have been statistically shown to increase conversions and marketing campaigns effectiveness. However, what will ultimately dictate a videos success will be the quality of the video created, the duration of the video, and the manner in which the message is portrayed. Given all of these areas are addressed, you can be confident that an animated explainer video will undoubtedly increase your landing pages conversions and lead to a successful marketing campaign.

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