How to create a new landing page and make sure it converts

If you are 100% new to internet marketing you are going to quickly realize that without leads your online business will suffer. Not only will you need to generate a steady flow of leads, but you will also need leads that are high quality which will convert into actual business. This can be done through an effective landing page and marketing campaign. In this article we are going to discuss ways to create a landing page with absolutely no experience, and more importantly, create one that delivers results.

There are many services available that specialize in landing page development. A simple Google search will allow you to shop around and find what you feel is the best service that meets your needs. For the purposes of this article we are going to talk about Instapage a landing page development service that offers custom proven templates, A/B testing and lead tracking in order to help you maximize your results.

The great thing about their interface is that it’s extremely easy to use and it can be integrated into certain CRM systems if you need it to. The templates are extremely attractive and the design work is already done for you. All you need to do is add your verbiage, arrange your page, and launch!

With that being said, you are still going to want to test out various “calls to action” and written verbiage on your landing pages to see what gives you the best response. Doing something as simple as removing an exclamation mark at the end of a call to action can have significant effects on your ROI, so having a platform that allows you to track those effects is going to be crucial for your success.

One thing you will want to keep in mind when designing your landing page is that it should be created with 1 goal in mind; to get that prospects contact information. Following up with that potential customer will be extremely important as well, however you need a prospect to follow up with first, before you can close a deal.

In the following video, Evan Carmichael talks about how to follow up with leads:

To recap, if you don’t have any experience with landing page generation and conversion, it is recommended you find a service that can help you with the development of your page. Once your page is developed properly and you begin generating leads, you will want to make sure you are following up with those leads routinely in order to maximize conversions. It may be beneficial to look into auto-responders and email drips in conjunction with your landing page development.

Remember, there is no magic formula here! The first step is to get your landing page launched and begin testing. Track and monitor your results and be sure to conduct proper follow-up work and you will be generating business in no time! Try not to over-think or over-complicate what you are trying to do. Keep it simple and stay focused on your goal.

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