How optimizing a website can increase conversions

Conversion Optimization

If the decision is being made to update and optimize a website, metrics should be analyzed both before and after the changes to ensure positive results. Simple changes such as adding call to action buttons, design and layout updating, and new color schemes can drastically increase conversion ratios on a webpage. Some samples of this can be seen below.

Example 1 –

By adding a picture of a person on the main page, signups were increased by 102.5%! The picture simplified the overall look of the page, and the female smiling is disarming to any visitor who may be skeptical. The old page had information scattered about and less overall organization. It’s safe to say that not only the picture, but the overall redesign of the site aided in this increase in conversions.

Optimizing A Website

Example 2 – Nature Air Landing Page

This is a prime example of the importance of incorporating a strong call to action on your website; both the before and after websites are almost identical, with the exception of a call to action box placed on the second site (circled in blue). This simple change increased conversions 591%! What’s fascinating is that the call-to-action button isn’t even that prominent and can be easily overlooked; however its impact is still quite significant.

Before Optimization

After Optimization

Example 3 – AMD and Social Sharing

Social sharing and interaction via sites like Facebook and Twitter can increase a websites internet presence significantly, not only from an SEO standpoint but also from a trust building and conversion standpoint. AMD did just that by incorporating social sharing icons on their page, encouraging viewers to share their website on multiple platforms. The increase was phenomenal, nearly 3600%!

Example 4 – SAP Business Objects

Sap business objects lacked a call to action button on their page. Their goal was to get visitors to download their software. When a bright orange “download now” button was added, conversions increased by 32%.


Before Optimization Ex. 2


After Optimization Ex. 2

In conclusion, it’s incredible how significant the results can be from some very basic web design updates, to complete and total website overhauls. Doing simple things like adding call to action buttons in the aforementioned examples increased conversions from 32% all the way to 591%! If you are a small business struggling to stay afloat, and are able to increase your conversions by almost 600%, chances are that a change that significant could be the difference maker in your businesses overall success.

If your conversions are not where you want them to be, or you are simply thinking about updating your website, making some simple changes can yield drastic results. Don’t be afraid to do some experimentation on your own along with some A/B testing. If you eventually get to a point in which you feel as though you’ve hit a plateau, there are many internet marketing companies that can assist you with your web design project. Be sure to have metrics in-hand before you start editing your site, so you have something to compare results to. The best website in the world means nothing if you don’t know how much it increased your overall conversions.

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